Pentathletes must be properly dressed for the course inspection, the draw for horses and the competition:

  • The hunting uniform (red or black coat, white breeches and hunting cap), or riding jacket, white shirt, collar and tie, breeches, jodhpurs or riding trousers
  • FEI ( Approved protective headgear with chinstrap is mandatory. A safety vest is recommended
  • A list of horses with designated number will be given in advance, horses are paraded and then horses are drawn by number
  • Pentathletes may warm up 20 minutes with 5 practice obstacles. A warm up technical delegate can remove any rider they feel is not safe.
  • Pentathlete must enter the arena when called and a start bell will signal to start
  • Pentathletes will be judged and penalized on disobedience (refusal, run-out, resistance etc), knocked down obstacles, deviations from the course, fall of horse or rider, exceeding the time allowed


  • Finesse
  • Quick reactions


Athletes are awarded 300 pentathlon points at the start of the competition and lose points for missing jumps and time faults.

  • Speed 350m /minute. The length of course: 350 – 450m
  • 300 points = a clear round within the time allowed.
  • The points table for the ride event of the modern pentathlon can be found in the rules and regulations section.
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Complete rules for Pentathlon are available on the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne Website.

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