Board of Directors

President: Rod Staveley
Treasurer: David Chu
Secretary: Anna Wang
Directors: Shaun LaGrange, Michelle Ostrikoff, James Rudolph, Sherrie Gosche, Vikram Dhaliwal, Frédérique Hébert
Athletes Representative: Christopher Rudolph, Anna Wang
Executive Director: Shelley Callaghan

Athlete Representative

The Athlete Rep’s role is to ensure that the athlete’s perspective is considered and their input integrated into any discussions and decisions within Pentathlon Canada.

Your athletes reps are:

Governance Documents

  • Pentathlon Canada By-Laws
    Download » (PDF – 0.27 MB)
  • Pentathlon Canada règlements administratifs
    Download » (PDF – 0.3 MB)
  • Pentathlon Canada Strategic Plan 2021-2025
    Download » (PDF – 1 MB)
  • Pentathlon Canada plan stratégique 2021-2025
    Download » (PDF – 1 MB)
  • Long Term Athlete Development Framework (2023)
    Download » (PDF – 12 MB)
  • Cadre de développement à long terme de Pentathlon Canada (2022)
    Download » (PDF – 0.13 MB)


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