One Common Goal: Reach for Gold

Each year, I set aside time to write to our strongest supporters and most reliable donors.  It’s my way of expressing sincere appreciation for their support.

This year, however, my message is critical. In 2019 we have entered the next Olympic competition cycle. As a result, our athletes must redouble their Olympic preparation efforts starting immediately.

That is the reason I continue to volunteer my time to Pentathlon Canada and it’s imminent podium success.

I have committed myself to raising $250,000 to support the training of our athletes.

To help me reach that goal, I’m turning to you for support. Read more

I will consider it a personal favour if you return your contribution of $100, $500 or even $1,000 in the next 15 days. As a National Sports Organization, we are a registered charity. An applicable tax credit receipt for $75, $350 or $558.25 will be issued to you for each of the respective donations.  That means, your $500 donation has a net out-of-pocket cost to you of only $150.

Allow me to draw on some of my experiences as a volunteer Treasurer for Pentathlon Canada and outline why your gift is so important to us:

First, we are not funded by any Federal, Provincial or local governments nor do we have any international conglomerate as a private sponsor.  We are totally self-financed. When our athletes compete in World Cups or other qualifying international events, they pay their own travel expenses, lodging and meals. This usually amounts to approximately $50,000 per athlete per year. For the five coaches who accompany the athletes to international competitions, the same situation exists.

Second, strong fundraising provides athletes and coaches with a major confidence boost and increased morale! A strong fundraising performance at this time in the Olympic cycle is vital.

The third reason for donating to Pentathlon Canada is the simplest – but also the most important…

Our athletes have competed in every Olympic since 1972!  That is a straight 47 years without interruption. In January 2019, five athletes qualified to represent Canada in the upcoming Pan Am games in Lima, Peru.  This year alone, our athletes competed in Spain, Switzerland, France, Egypt and Bulgaria to gain international exposure.

Our potential for podium success has never been better than at present. However, every day that passes, our competition, state financed or otherwise, is moving forward.  We cannot allow them to prevail.

For Pentathlon Canada, this is a pivotal moment.

I am counting on you for a generous gift of $100, $500 or even $1,000 to support our athletes.


Remo Cigagna, Treasurer
Pentathlon Canada

Tax receipts will be issued for Canadian residents.

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