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Ian Soellner

Ian Soellner


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Joshua Riker-Fox

National Next Generation Development Coach

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UIPM Certified Modern Pentathlon Coaches – Canada

Level 3 Coach

RIKER-FOX Joshua – Alberta
O’MALLEY Darragh – Alberta

Level 2 Coach

Level 1 Coach

CURRIE-OLSEN Danja – Alberta
CHOW Connor – Alberta
CHOW Ken – Alberta
ELIDRISSI Surina – Alberta
GAJARDO Loreto – Alberta
GAJARDO Rosario – Alberta
GORDILLO Emilio – Alberta
GOSCHE Emmett – Alberta
KOVACS Kinga – Alberta
MCCANN Melanie – Alberta
OLSEN Connie – Alberta
LASALLE Victoria – Alberta
LI Olivia – Alberta

MARSH Lucan – Alberta
OSTRIKOFF Michelle – Alberta
RIKER -FOX Joel – Alberta
SAYERS Kali – Alberta
SCHULZ Quinn – Alberta
BUDOVSKYI Vitali – British Columbia
SEGUIN Lynn – British Columbia
SOELLNER -WILSON Megan – British Columbia
NOBLE Robert – British Columbia
RUDOLPH Christopher – Ontario
TOGNERI Margot – Ontario
LAGRANGE Shaun – Ontario

Outline of the UIPM coaching  level requirements can be seen by following the link:

UIPM Coaches code of conduct:

To contact any of the above coaches, please contact Pentathlon Canada.

Become a Coach

Interested in coaching pentathletes? Download an overview of the Pentathlon Coaching pathway.

For more information visit the Coaching Association of Canada National Coach Certification Program (NCCP).

To find out how to become a certified coach in the different pentathlon disciplines please visit the sport specific websites.

Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Coaching Certification Program

The UIPM offers 4 levels of certification:

  • Level 1 (Development Coach)
  • Level 2 (Coach)
  • Level 3 (Senior Coach)
  • Level 4 (Elite Coach)

For more information, visit

Pentathlon Canada offers UIPM Certification clinics. If you are interested in becoming UIPM coach, please contact Shelley Callaghan at:

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