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Interested in becoming a pentathlon official? Click here for an overview of the Pentathlon Officiating Pathway.

To find out how to become a certified official in the different pentathlon disciplines please visit the sport specific websites.

Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Judges Certification Program

The UIPM offers a Judges Certification Program to:

  1. Provide well-trained and competent officials who will help uphold sporting standards and help to enhance Modern Pentathlon and all UIPM Sports.
  2. Promote a professional approach for recruiting, training, retaining, recognizing and rewarding technical officials.
  3. Design a framework for judges’ education as part of a solid system with a clear pathway which gives them the opportunity to develop their competence by international standards and progress on merit.

For more information, visit
Pentathlon Canada offers UIPM Judges Certification clinics. If you are interested in becoming UIPM Judge, please contact Shelley Callaghan at:

UIPM Certified Judges

A list of UIPM Certified Judges can be found on the UIPM website. This is updated regularly and lists the name and level the judge has achieved, when their certification was renewed and the country they are from.

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