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Call for Applications Pentathlon Canada Board of Directors

Pentathlon Canada is seeking applications from individuals interested in filling Board positions and standing for election during the 2024 Pentathlon Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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Notice of 2024 Annual General Meeting of Membership Pentathlon Canada

The annual general meeting of membership of Pentathlon Canada will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

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Canada’s Santiago 2023 modern pentathlon team announced

Pentathlon Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee have announced Canada’s modern pentathlon team

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Dévoilement de l’équipe canadienne de pentathlon moderne pour les Jeux de Santiago 2023

Pentathlon Canada et le Comité olympique canadien ont dévoilé la composition de l’équipe canadienne

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Pentathlon Canada Joins Forces with Obstacle Sport Canada

Pentathlon Canada and Obstacle Sport Canada are excited to announce their partnership.

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Call for Applications – Pentathlon Canada Male Athlete Representative

Please click for information about becoming Pentathlon Canada’s Male Athlete Representative

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Team Athletes adjust their swim training during the Pandemic

During this pandemic, swim training is especially difficult for athletes around the world.This spring, some of out team and youth athletes have taken to open water in lakes, quarries, and canals to get their swim practises in, first with wetsuits in May, and now it is a bit warmer, without wetsuits whilst they await for…

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Modern pentathlon, ancient ideals

‘COVID-19 is forcing all of us to be resourceful and resilient’ DATE: April 8th 2020 Source.

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In 1983, Lynn Séguin (nee: Chornobrywy) became the modern pentathlon world champion and was named Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year

Melanie McCann’s (Mount Carmel, ON) 11th place finish in the Women’s Pentathlon at the 2012 Olympic Games in London was the highest placing ever by a Canadian at the Games.

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