Past National Team Members

Beatrice Cigagna

Schomberg, ON

“I love the sport of Pentathlon. I’m never bored and I get to know great people.”

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Evin Ballantyne

Baden, ON

Hillary Elliott

Ingersoll, ON

Mathea Stevens

Rockland, ON

Past Olympians

Donna Vakalis

2016 Rio & 2012 London

Melanie McCann

2016 Rio & 2012 London

Kali Sayers

2014 Youth Olympics, Nanjing

Joshua Riker-Fox

2008 Beijing

Kara Grant

2004 Beijing & 2008 Athens

Monica Pinette

2004 Beijing & 2008 Athens

Ian Soellner

1992 Barcelona

Laurie Shong

1992 Barcelona

Lawrence Keyte

1988 Seoul

Nicholas Fekete

1988 Seoul

Barry Kennedy

1988 Seoul

John Hawes

1976 Montreal

George Skene

1972 Munich & 1976 Montreal

Scott Scheurmann

1972 Munich

Ken Maaten

1972 Munich

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