Personal Background

Name: Claire Anne Samulak
Date of Birth: Sept. 27, 1993
Height: 178 cm
Hometown: Fruitvale, BC
City of birth: Trail, BC
Residence: Calgary, AB
Language(s) spoken: English & French, in progress: Danish, Swedish & German

Sport-related Background

High Performance Athlete
Head coach: Denis Fournier
Swim coach: Alexx Diep
Run coach: Elmar Heger
Riding coach: Ashleigh Charity
Fencing coach: Denis Fournier

Interview Questions

Why you love the sport of pentathlon?
Modern Pentathlon is a great physical and mental challenge. I enjoy to push my limits and to develop myself through sport. 
When you got involved in pentathlon and why?

My father, who coached me in multiple team sports as a youth athlete in rural BC, suggested I try modern pentathlon when I was around 16. Unfortunately there was nowhere in my region to train for pent. Five years later, once I had moved to the city for university, I discovered a pentathlete through my work as an exercise rider at a stable near Calgary. I asked them to take me to the fencing club at once! It took me another five years to earn the foundational skills in fence, swim and laser-run, and begin to compete. 
How often do you train (per week or month)?

I train 17-20 hours each week, which works out to about three hours each day. I create a comprehensive plan for a few months of training at a time with the help of my coaches to ensure that the schedule is balanced as needed, dependent on competitions.
Of the five sports of pentathlon (fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting and running), which do you consider your best? 
There is no doubt that I consider riding my best sport. I first sat on a horse when I was three years old and began riding and jumping lessons when I was five. I have ridden ~160 different horses and only started the other sports when I was between 21-24 years old (last five years).
What are your hobbies?
I play guitar, go trail riding on my horses, as well as restore and repurpose antique farming equipment.
Do you participate in other sports?
Not anymore. I used to play basketball, soccer, field hockey, alpine ski, figure skate and various equestrian sports. I currently stick strictly to the modern pentathlon sports.
Are there any other athletes in your family?
My father and his brother were both excellent athletes who played multiple team sports at high levels and were professional cowboys.
After high-school in Trail BC…

I studied music, Danish language and culture in Denmark at Brenderup Folkehøjskole for six months.

I studied French and English language and sociology at Selkirk College in Trail BC and University of Calgary for a year and a half.

I studied public relations and philosophy at Mount Royal University for four years. 
What career would you like to pursue or are you currently pursuing?
I’m pursuing a career in public relations and entrepreneurship. 
Future goals (in sport & or work)?
Make the national standard times for modern pentathlon, incorporate my business and make it profitable.
What is the greatest challenge you have faced?
It has been really hard to manage my independence, health and career development while I begin new athletic endeavours as a young adult. 
In the moments when I doubt that I want to continue, how do I motivate myself?
I remember the faces of people who have inspired me and the words of wisdom which they have passed to me. 
How has being an athlete benefited you (positive effects in your life that you would not have had otherwise)?
There have been great benefits to my mental and physical health, but most importantly I am thankful for all the amazing and supportive people in sport communities that I have met. 
Best movie I have ever seen is?
Glory Road.

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