Statement from Pentathlon Canada – November 8, 2021

The pentathlon community in Canada was caught off guard to learn that the UIPM Executive Board voted to remove the equestrian discipline from the Olympic program following Paris 2024. As the decision preceded consultation with National Federations, it concerns us that the voice of the global community was not included. 
Many of our members, past and present, entered pentathlon via horse sport. The riding element is central to the five skills at the heart of the sport since the 1912 Olympic Games. At the same time, we realize that pentathlon needs to innovate to improve accessibility and inclusion for more athletes. We remain hopeful that a solution may exist to retain the five core pentathlon disciplines through reforming the riding rules, point system, and education. Whatever direction is taken, we want to ensure all stakeholders are a part of the discussion.
Pentathlon Canada was in attendance at the meeting of National Federations on November 4 and will continue to be part of the discussions and meetings over the next weeks and months. 
Below please find a link to where you will find the official statements from the UIPM on this matter. Please know many communications are speculating on what will happen but please stay informed by the facts. 

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