Open Position: Fundraiser Contractor

Modern pentathlon was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1912 by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics. Pentathlon Canada’s athletes have competed in every Olympic since 1972 … 47 years without an interruption.

We are not funded by any Federal, Provincial or local government. We do not have an international conglomerate as a private sponsor. We are totally self-financed. Our administrative staff are all volunteers.

When our athletes compete in qualifying international events, they pay their own lodging and travel expenses. This also applies to the coaching staff who accompany them to international competitions.

To finance the ever expensive international competitions, we now require an independent contractor who is capable of raising funds for this, the most challenging of all Olympic sports.

Pentathlon Canada will pay this independent contractor a commission of 20% for all donations received.

We are a registered charity. We will issue a charitable donation receipt to both individuals or corporate donors if they are Canadian residents.

Please contact:

Remo Cigagna, Treasurer
Pentathlon Canada
3800 Steeles Ave West
Suite 400
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 4G9
T: 905.264.8330

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