Personal Background

Name: Quinn Schulz
Date of Birth: May 20, 2005
Height: 6’6 (198 CM)
Hometown: Calgary AB
City of birth: St. Albert AB
Residence: Calgary AB
Language(s) spoken: English

Sport-related Background

Head coach: Joshua Riker-Fox
Swim coach: Joshua Riker-Fox
Run coach: Joshua Riker-Fox
Riding coach: Joshua Riker-Fox
Fencing coach: Darragh O’Malley

Interview Questions

Why you love the sport of pentathlon?
I love the variety in the sport because if I’m struggling or feeling unmotivated in one sport I always have four others to focus on..
How often do you train (per week or month)?
6 days a week, 16+ hrs
Of the five sports of pentathlon (fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting and running), which do you consider your best?
What are your hobbies?
I like watching basketball and playing guitar.
Do you participate in other sports?
Not often but sometimes I play basketball.
What career would you like to pursue or are you currently pursuing?
I’m not totally sure yet but I’d like to pursue a science related career.
Future goals (in sport & or work)?
In sport I want to be able to be more competitive in international competition and qualify for higher level competitions such as the Sr. Pan am games in 2023.
What is the greatest challenge you have faced?
Injuries from growth over the last couple years so I wasn’t able to train as much but now that my growth is slowing down I’m able to train much more.
In the moments when I doubt that I want to continue, how do I motivate myself?
I’m motivated by the curiosity and dream of being the best I can be in all 5 sports and knowing that being unmotivated and maybe missing training days means I’ll never know how good I could be.
How has being an athlete benefited you (positive effects in your life that you would not have had otherwise)?
Being an athlete gives me something to look forward and strive for every day.

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