Pentathlon Canada is hiring a Part Time Executive Director

Job Description: Part Time Executive Director

General Description

Pentathlon Canada (PC) is Canada’s national voice for the pentathlon sport. The mission of Pentathlon Canada is to support the sport by promotion, financial assistance, coaching, officials and volunteers.

Part Time Executive Director

The Executive Director acts as Chief Executive Officer of Pentathlon Canada with primary responsibilities for financial and personnel systems and management, advocacy, fund-raising, and planning. The Executive Director ensures that Pentathlon Canada has the infrastructure and support systems required to meet its operational goals and objectives. Primarily, this is a business and operational position, which is responsible for the implementation and execution of Sport Canada funded projects in Safe Sport, Gender Equity, and Governance.

Term: 12 months June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021

Renumeration: $16,000 / year; Hours: 8 hours per week

Power of Decision Making

The Executive Director has the authority to implement and administer the approved plans, policies, and
programs of Pentathlon Canada. For actions beyond these limits, the Executive Director is required to
have decisions approved through the President or responsible Officer.

Key Responsibilities

  • Business/Operations
    • Implement and execute the Sport Canada funded projects for Safe Sport, Gender Equity, and Governance.
    • In conjunction with the Board, the Executive Director leads the strategic planning process and develops annual operating, business, and marketing strategies.
    • Provide strategic leadership to ensure effective delivery of services and efficient administration in support of the organization.
  • Financial Management and Controls
    • Develop annual budgeting process and monitoring.
    • Oversee the organizational cash flow and forecasting.
    • Stay within budget and funding constraints for the projects in Safe Sport, Gender Equity and Governance.
    • Ensure that financial transactions and reporting comply with Pentathlon Canada policies, procedures, and guidelines, funding partner’s requirements and that they are consistent with generally accepted business practices.
    • Actively negotiate with funding agencies and sponsors for financial support of Pentathlon Canada programs and activities.
  • Leadership & Human Resource Management
    • Develop and implement the policies, procedures and systems necessary to ensure effective administration of Pentathlon Canada, which support a positive work environment.
    • Recruit, hire, and manage staff and project consultants in accordance with the approved Personnel Policies of Pentathlon Canada to execute projects in Safe Sport, Gender Equity, and Governance.
    • Ensure appropriate orientation and training of staff, project consultants, resource personnel and volunteers.
    • Facilitate volunteer development and recognition.
  • Advocacy/Partnerships
    • Be an official spokesperson of Pentathlon Canada, with partners, government agencies, the sport and the general public.
    • Liaise with governments, organizations and individuals to ensure effective implementation of Pentathlon Canada programs and activities.
    • Develop all funding applications to government agencies, corporate sponsors, and private sector.
  • Communications, Technology, and Marketing
    • Facilitate the flow of information within Pentathlon Canada and between Pentathlon Canada its partners
    • Adhere to the Official Language Policies of Government of Canada funding requirements.
    • Develop and monitor Pentathlon Canada website, marketing plan to promote Pentathlon Canada programs and services.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience working at an NSO, MSO or PTSO in a senior role (i.e. Executive Director, Director or Manager)
  • Experience managing day to day sport administration tasks
  • Experience with financial management, audits and budgeting
  • Knowledge and experience of safe sport and gender equity initiatives
  • Experience managing contractors, volunteers and staff
  • Experience building partnerships and developing MOUs with organizations and the corporatesector
  • Experience with development of strategic plans, bylaws and policies for sport organizations
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